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These pages are designed to help parents understand how the school seeks to support child people with their learning and development. There are also links to other places of interest on the internet which may be of interest to parents.

lping your child with Maths Parents' Workshop Oct 2011

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Introduction to levels

Progress in English & Maths

These guides are available for you to download as a PDF. They take you through the expectations for children working at each National Curriculum Level.





What Level is my Child Working at?


 Click each logo to find out more about Reading, Writing and Maths Levels

(including some downloadable level sheets)

Average Attainment at the

End of Each Year

As a school we want to provide you with accurate information about your child's achievements and how these relate to national expectations. The attached documents should help you to make a judgement about how your child's current levels in Reading, Writing & Maths compare with National expectations.

In our March Parents' Evenings all teachers will be talking you through your child's current levels.

If, at any other point in the year, you have any questions about your child's current attainment levels or any concerns about the progress they are making then please book an appointment with your child's class teacher who will be happy to meet with you.

Needless to say,children all progress at different rates and all classes contain a spread of ability. As a school, it our our job to ensure children make good progress from their starting point and that we aspire for all children to meet at least age related expectations by the end of Year 6.

Early Year's Foundation Stage


Assessment Scales Reference Sheet

This sheet lists the 13 assessment scales across the 6 Areas of Learning. Each of the 13 scales contains 9 points against which children are assessed.

Average Attainment in Reception

A sheet explaining how children are assessed and what average attainment looks like.


Early Education

Click this link to visit our 'Early Education Page'. There are lots of useful leaflets to download that will help you support your child's early learning and development.

National Curriculum

(Years 1 to 6)

Average Attainment at the End of Each Year

A sheet explaining what average attainment looks like at each of Years 1 to 6.



Taking Photographs and Videos
During School Performances

Press Release by Information Commissioner's Office - 7/12/10

Data Protection Good Practice Note: Taking Photographs in School - June 2010

Maths Calculation Strategies for Parents

Parents often ask how we teach maths to children. Follow the links below to see the progression in calculation strategies that we follow (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Addition Methods

Subtraction Methods

Multiplication Methods

Division Methods

If you would like to know more about any of the methods, feel free to come and speak with your child's class teacher or our Maths Leader, Mrs Goodchild (Maple Class).

Our Voice Matters is helping to improve the services available for children with disabilities and additional needs in South Gloucestershire. Click the icon above to visit their site.

Parent helpers in school


We have many parents and some grandparents who can spare us some of their time to help in classes, or when we take the children out on trips. If you would like to support your child's class (or any other class) in this way, get in touch with Miss Baker.

Currently parents help us doing the following:

  • Playing maths games
  • Hearing readers
  • Doing art activities
  • Sharing their interests and skills
  • Telling us about their job (police officer, doctor, nurse, vet, etc)
  • Doing computer activities
  • Coming swimming with us

You are always welcome to volunteer in school. 


1BigD - 1 big database holds information about events and organisations that offer help and support to parents and carers living in South Gloucestershire, Bristol and Bath & North East Somerset.

Click on the logo to find out more.


 Useful links for Parents: