Our Values Curriculum

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At Blackhorse, our values of Respect, Pride, Bravery and Success are actively taught throughout the school as we believe that they are key to our children's success in learning and life. We therefore teach children what these values mean in the following ways:


School Prayer: 

Although we are not a church school, we say the following prayer at the end of each assembly (which the children learn by heart) to help us reflect on our Values on a spiritual and moral level...

Dear God,

Please keep me safe and healthy.

Help me make good choices,

respecting myself, other people and the world.

Help me to learn well

And to try and be the best person I can be.


School Song:

 Written by Mrs Horn's talented son Matthew (currently studying at Guildhall School of Music, London), this song is sung each week in assembly to reminds us of our school values...


Our Values Characters:

To younger children, the concept of 'Values' can be entirely abstract and difficult to understand. We therefore introduce our values through 5 special characters who we talk about regularly in assemblies:



The school's hapless Super-hero who is learning to be good at super-heroing with the help of his friends...


Respect the Wonder Dog:

He teaches us how we show respect - to ourselves, our families, our school and our communities.



Proud Pony

Originally from St Kitts, Proud Pony teaches us to be proud to be ourselves - and to be proud of all the communities and cultures to which we belong.



Brave Bear

Being brave when faced with new challenges is hard. Brave Bear teaches us that if he can do it, so can we.

Samda The Successful

Samda is quite shy but teaches us that we can all succeed

- if we just work hard.


Values Passports:

Once a year, the children are issued with Values Passports which encourage them to complete various challenges which demonstrate their understanding of our school values. Children can earn Bronze, Silver or Bronze badges depending on which challenges they complete. So far we have introduced the Respect and Pride Passports, with the Success Passport being launched in January 2015. Click below to look inside...


Each of our Assemblies is in some way linked to themes surrounding our Values. Click here for our current assembly plan.


Award Badges:

Every year we focus on a theme linked to our School Development plan which is

the focus of assemblies and star awards. In 2016-17, our focus is on 'Purposeful Practise' - with our character of the year 'Practise Panda'. This year, children can earn a special 'Practise Panda' Badge for dedicating time to practising their number facts and spellings. 

 In 2014-15 our school development plan theme was 'To Boldly go' (or 'To go boldly' to be grammatically accurate!). Children who took on new challenges with confidence earned these special badges...

In 2015-16, our SDP focus is on 'mastery' - to practise regularly until you get really good at something. Children who show mastery of a curriculum area are awarded with a special 'Master Mind' badge.


Every Friday we hold a celebration Assembly to celebrate all our learners' Achievements during that week. Children are encouraged to bring certificates earned at out of school activities and each week Star of the Week certificates are awarded to one child from each class who has best demonstrated the value theme of the week. We also like to finish with an uplifting pop song - which is currently...




Uniform at Blackhorse reminds us that we are a team: working together and helping each other. You will see us all wearing it (including staff!) as it reminds us that, even though we are very different as individuals, we have a lot in common!