Being a Digital Engineer

Being a Digital Engineer: Computing at Blackhorse

Intent (What we are trying to achieve):

Being Champion Digital Engineers at Blackhorse involves understanding and using computers to think creatively to solve problems, including learning how to write code. Digital Engineers are aware of  online risks and learn how to navigate the online world safely. Through developing digital literacy, online safety, and programming, Blackhorse Digital Engineers are well-prepared for the future digital world.


Implementation (What we are focussing on improving):

At Blackhorse this year we are focussing on establishing a new Computing Curriculum following the whole-school enquiry approach to learning. Children will learn to deploy essential computing skills in the context of their current enquiry. By doing this, learners have a true purpose for their learning ensuring high levels of motivation and engagement.


Impact (How we will know if we’ve been successful):

Focus groups with children and examples of their work enable an evaluation of how children’s knowledge and skills progress and develop throughout their time at Blackhorse.


Head Digital Engineer: Maisie Stack (Year 3 Teacher)

Our Computer Engineers in Action: