Being a Historian and a Geographer

Being a Historian and a Geographer at Blackhorse Primary


Being a Champion Historian:


Intent (What we are trying to achieve):

A Champion Historian at Blackhorse learns about the past, from cave dwellers to recent family memories,  and uses this knowledge to help them understand how people and communities have shaped the world. Champion Historians use a variety of sources, evidence and artefacts to investigate history for themselves. They know that there are different interpretations of the past and can discuss why these differ.


Implementation (What we are focusing on improving):

This year, historians are going to focus on developing a deep understanding of historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance. This depth of understanding will support our learners in making connections, identifying contrasts, analysing trends, framing historically valid questions and creating their own accounts of what has happened in the past and why it is relevant to us today. 


Impact (How we will know if we've been successful):

Our historians will write about their learning, contribute to displays within the school and engage with focus groups to show the progression of their history knowledge throughout this year. This will support us as staff in evaluating their growth of knowledge and understanding of the subject.


Blackhorse Head Historian: Robyn Wooller (Y5)


Being a Champion Geographer:

Intent (what we aim to achieve):

Champion geographers use geographical vocabulary, tools, and maps to identify and describe natural and human-created systems or features. Using fieldwork, they observe, explore, measure and record features in the landscape, and how humans interact with the world around them. They understand that humans are changing their environment and that we can all now act to create a better, more sustainable world.



We systematically teach locational knowledge, map skills and map knowledge through the enquiries. Key skills and knowledge are revisited several times to ensure children retain the information and can show progression.  We chose to teach specific locational knowledge and place knowledge which has a link to our school or has a relevance to our pupils or society. Geography is a lead state of being in the following enquires:


Where is Blackhorse?

How will we get around in the future?

How are schools the same?

What should we flush down the loo?

Why do we live here?

What is underneath our feet?

Where is our twin?

Where does our food really come from?


Impact (how we will know if we've been successful):


We know that we have created champion Geographers if children can:


    • Read a variety of maps, interpret geographical data and locate key physical and human features.
    • Explain how key dynamic Earth processes (water cycle, volcanoes etc) occur.
    • Describe an increasingly wider world using geographical terms: climate, topography, population etc.


Head Geographer: Robyn Wooller (Year 5)


Please click this link so we can share with you some of the amazing film work our children have done being a geographer or a historian. We hope you'll agree how great they are!