Being a Linguist

Being a Linguist at Blackhorse Primary


Intent (what we are aiming to achieve):

A Champion Linguist at Blackhorse communicates with others beyond their first language. At Blackhorse we are proud that there are many linguists in our own school community and we celebrate these regularly through displays, assemblies and languages of the term. Through the inclusion of MFL (Modern foreign languages) we aim for all children to elevate their confidence in communicating in a different language.


Implementation (what we are focusing on this year):

The focus this year is for children to confidently communicate orally or with gestures/actions in a language beyond their own. We are committed to promoting a climate where children celebrate the diversity of languages spoken and learnt at Blackhorse. We ensure that all children continually improve as linguists and as a result, we support children through high quality first teaching and if required, specific interventions to support their confidence with using English as part of their daily life.


Impact (how we will know we've been successful):

We will know that we have been successful by discussing with children their understanding of French, and talking to them about what they know of different languages and cultures around the school.

Learning a language provides Blackhorse pupils with a valuable educational, social and cultural experience. Our linguists develop communication and literacy skills that lay the foundation for future language learning. Awareness of our multi-lingual and multi-cultural world introduces an international dimension to pupils’ learning, giving our linguists insights into their own culture and those of others.


Blackhorse Head Linguists: Julia Grant (KS2) and Louise Welch (KS1 RB)