Being a Musician

Being a Musician at Blackhorse Primary



At Blackhorse we believe that music education and supporting and enabling children to be a musician can open up new and exciting avenues - and benefit their wider learning. .


Intent (What we are trying to achieve):

A Champion Musician at Blackhorse can confidently and creatively use pitch, rhythm and dynamics to create, practise and perform musical compositions, either by themselves or in a group.  They know how to produce the best performances by listening to directions and to other performers in the group. 


Implementation (What we are focusing on improving):

We want all Blackhorse Musicians to understand what a Champion Musician looks like in their year group.  They will know what it means to be successful in their music learning, by focusing on pitch (high/low sounds), rhythm (beat/pulse) and dynamics (loud/soft) and developing their listening skills.    


Impact (How we will know if we've been successful):

Blackhorse Musicians and their teachers will be able to explain or show how creating, performing and listening to music helps to build their confidence and concentration and allows them to express their ideas and feelings.  By questioning and observing at different points through the year and as they move through the school, we will be able to see their progress. 


Blackhorse Head Musician: Steph Phillips (Y1)



Click on the link below to take you to our Being a Musician at Blackhorse page for much more information about music in our school.