Being a Philosopher

Being a Philosopher at Blackhorse Primary


Here's a link to our PSHE curriculum page which explains each termly unit of coverage for each year group, including the new statutory objectives across key stage 1 and key stage 2.


Blackhorse Head PhilosophersEmily Daverson (Yr 3 - PSHE & RSE) & Kate Stuart (Yr 5 - RE)

Happy Children's Mental Health Week! 

This year's theme is "Express Yourself", celebrating the children's place in our community and everything that makes them unique, special and important! Express yourself encourages children to be confident in themselves and find ways to express who they are, what makes them happy and how they fit into the world around them. Most importantly, it's ensuring that whatever they do, they feel good about it.

More information about Place2Be and Children's Mental Health Week 2021 can be found here.


Below, you will find a variety of resources to complete this week. Choose the ones that express who YOU are! Through art, dance, drama, sport, writing, poetry, photography or music, share your unique feelings, thoughts and ideas.





Please share any ways you choose to Express Yourself with us on Twitter - @BlackhorsePri




If you would like advice, guidance or support with your own or your child's mental health, there are many people in our school community who are always available to help. Contact your child's teacher, our school counsellor, Sara Alhadeff, or our family link worker, Emma Touzalin, or our headteacher, Simon Botten for any information. 


There are some links provided below to access resources to support good mental health within homes.