Being a Scientist

Being a Scientist at Blackhorse Primary


Intent (What we are trying to achieve):

A Champion Scientist at Blackhorse uses their curiosity to develop the skills to: ask questions, make predictions and test answers in a variety of ways; about the constantly changing world around us. They develop scientific knowledge about the impact of science on our lives today, and how it shapes our future. Champion Scientists use their skills and knowledge to solve problems.


Implementation (How we aim to achieve this):

Scientific knowledge and skills are developed over time through the enquiry curriculum.

Knowledge is sequenced throughout various enquiries and is organised to build upon prior learning. E.g. in Y1 children will learn about the parts of a plant and in Y2 children will recap this before also learning about what each part of the plant does. Teachers will use progression documents, which outline what children have learnt previously, including vocabulary and will use this to check children’s understanding before moving on.

Working scientifically skills are also sequenced through various enquiries to build upon skills previously taught. E.g. in Y1 children will perform simple tests (organised by the teacher) but in Y6 the children will need to be able plan their own scientific enquiry. Practical tasks have a clear purpose and only take place when pupils have enough prior knowledge to learn from the activity.


Impact (How we will know if we've been successful):

Talking to focus groups of learners throughout the year about their learning, helps us to evaluate their scientific ‘knowledge of’ and ‘know how’.


Blackhorse Head Scientists: Emma Coode (Y2)




The knowledge part of science is also taught within our enquiry based learning but they follow the 2014 National Curriculum Programme of Study objectives - see below.

Scientists in Action