Being an Engineer

Being an Engineer at Blackhorse Primary


Intent (what we aim to achieve):


Champion Engineer at Blackhorse builds creative, technical and practical skills and knowledge in order to design, make and evaluate products that solve real-world problems. They learn to use tools effectively and safely to make increasingly complex structures, including mechanical, electrical and computer systems. A Champion Engineer also uses the skills and knowledge of the Horticulturalist and Cook:
  • A Champion Horticulturalist understands and masters the practical skills needed to grow plants, including those that can be used for food.
  • A Champion Cook at Blackhorse understands what makes a healthy diet. They can use a variety of techniques to cook their own meals.


Implementation (what we are working on this year):

This year we will be building Champion Engineers by introducing regular horticulture lessons, led by our own Horticulture teacher and by building 'Blackhorse Farm'. Children will learn how food is grown and will learn how to cook meals using this produce.
Impact (how we will know if we've been successful):
We will know that we have been successful by talking to focus groups of children about what vegetables need to grow; about what constitutes a balanced diet; and about how healthy meals are cooked. 


Head Engineer: Simon Botten (Headteacher)

Head Horticulturalist: Simon Evans (P/T Horticulture Teacher)

Engineers in action: