Bubble Closure

Has the Year 4 bubble closed for two weeks?

Well, this is the place for you!


You each have a home learning pack made up of worksheets to complete along with an exercise book to write in. All of the work is essential and will have to be completed at home during the two week bubble closure. 


For Maths work, as this progresses so quickly throughout the year, you will need to check this space at the start of the two week bubble closure to find out the Maths timetable and which pages in your Maths workbook you will need to complete. 


We will be uploading videos and tutorials of work to help you with these worksheets for English, Maths and Reading under the 'Video Resource Centre - Year 4' section of the website. 


We will also be doing afternoon scheduled group sessions over zoom for small groups of children to discuss any work you have done and help address any confusion if there is any. These sessions will be emailed out to parents when the bubble closes with the time slot for your child. 


Happy home learning!