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At Blackhorse we strive to provide children with every opportunity to develop healthy, happy lifestyles which will help them both now and in their futures. As well as the core PSHE curriculum, the school is also involved in a number of innovative projects aimed at creating healthy bodies and healthy minds.


Digital Detox Project (annually In T3-4):


In January 2017 the school successfully bid for an NHS research grant to develop a digital detox programme for both children and their parents. This involved a group of children in Y5-6 wearing a fitness tracker for 2 weeks and keeping a sleep diary (the children in other years - and their parents -  also kept a sleep diary) for this period of time.


For the first week the children continued to use their tablets and phones as usual each evening, recording their sleep patterns with the fitness trackers and keeping a sleep diary. For the second week the children (and their parents) switched off their tablets, laptops, games consoles and phones for up to three hours before bedtime, again recording their sleep patterns.


What we discovered: The results of this study were startling. The children slept far longer and fair deeper when they weren't using their tech. in the 3 hours leading up to bedtime. The same was true for their parents! This it because blue light emitted by phones, tablets and PCs interrupts the brain's natural sleep pattern and stops you falling asleep at night.


What we do now: Each year we educate and encourage children and their parents to turn off their tech for 3 hours before bed in January and create a better sleeping environment.


Action 3:30

The school is currently part of a research study led by Bristol University called Action 3:30.


The project is aimed at encouraging children to be active by providing fun, free, inclusive physical activity club twice a week. Click here to find out more.


Y5/6 Mental Health Project

Also part of a University of Bristol research study, in 2018 children in Year 5 and Year 6 will be given the opportunity to receive mindfulness workshops.  


This is designed to provide children with the tools necessary to improve well-being and mental health. More information to follow.