Early Help Action Planning

Sometimes we may feel that something called a ‘SAFeh’ may help your family and your child in our school. These are run by our SENCO, Claire Deacon, and our Family Link Worker, Emma Touazlin.


A SAFeh is a tool that lets us think about different ways we might be able to help your family. They are used for a range of different reasons and are voluntary. We can run internal Blackhorse SAFehs that just look at things we could be doing within school to help your child or children at Blackhorse. We can also run full SAFehs which involve other schools where siblings may attend and other external agencies (like the Paediatrician or School Health Nurse for example).


The flowchart below has been designed to give you an idea of how our SAFehs look at Blackhorse. If you think a SAFeh might help your family, please do get in touch.