Home Learning

Here you will find everything you need to help your child with their learning at home.


Each week, the homework sheet will look the same. 

  • Instead of a list of words, we will be sending home the "spelling rule" we look at in class and ask children to write their own list of words that follow the rule (e.g. adding -es to make plurals: foxes, boxes, bushes).
  • They will have a Learn It chosen from their Big Maths Beat That which they complete in class on a Monday. They can use the space provided or a clean page to practise this, thinking about how a multiplying question can help us solve a division question (5 X 3 = 15 so 15 / 3 = 5) and an addition question can help us solve a subtraction question (5 + 2 = 7 so 7 - 2 = 5)
  • There is a box to tick off when children have completed their 15 Times Table RockStars games. These reset at midnight every Thursday so that Mr Botten can look at our RockStars in Friday assembly.
  • We also added space for reading so that we can see which books children are choosing from their allocated colour band. This will help us and you track if they are bringing the same book home repeatedly/for extended periods of time.
  • Finally, there is a space at the bottom for a parent signature and comment. Please do let us know if your child is finding the homework too easy or too challenging and we will be more than happy to help.


We thank you kindly for supporting your child at home. It really does help them in their classroom learning.

We love learning in Year 3, and we have started to look at our 3 times table. Join us at home by practising your 3 times table some more with these great songs!