Home learning March - July 2020

Weekly Phonics Homework

phonics homework term 4 wk 4 2019.docx


Keeping Fit and Healthy.docx


Quentin Blake pictures underwater.docx




Topic (evaluation saved as topic final lesson)

topic final lesson.docx

Reading Prince Cinders

Prince Cinders vocab Wed.docx

Prince Cinders questions Thurs.docx

Writing Owl and the Pussycat

Owl and Pussycat questions Tues.docx

Owl and Pussycat review Friday.docx

Wed owl and pussycat innovation.docx

Owl and the Pussycat 1

Weekly Timetable

Weekly Home Learning schedule 23 March.docx

Phonics Homework

phonics homework term 4 wk 5 2019.docx

plurals sheet 1.pdf

Plurals sheet 2.pdf

S or es plurals Thursday.pdf

Plurals sentences Friday.pdf

Prince Cinders

wb 30th March Thursday Prince Cinders and answers.pdf


Tuesday maths money quiz.pdf

Wednesday Maths Mass and Capacity End of unit quiz.pdf

Thursday Maths Position and Direction quiz.pdf

Monday 'Cha Cha Slide' song words.docx

Weekly Timetable

Weekly Home Learning schedule 30 March NEW.docx

Physical Activities

CSET Daily & Weekly Challenges.pdf



phonics homework term 5wk 1.pdf



The Paper Bag Princess Extract Wednesday.pdf

Model of Excellence and guidance for writing Wednesday Thursday.pdf

Story Map The Paper Bag Princess.PNG

Reading - Prince Cinders


wb 20th April Prince Cinders questions and answers.pdf

How to do an Edit and Redraft.pdf


Multiplication Tuesday.pdf

Mastery Tuesday .pdf

Multiplication Word Problems Worksheet Wednesday.pdf

Mastery Thursday.pdf

Week Beginning 20th April 2020

Weekly Home Learning schedule 20.2.20.pdf

Science Guess the Shadow

Guess the shadow activity.pdf


Adding 'un' prefix Monday.pdf

Identify un Tuesday.pdf

Changing words to prefix un Wednesday.pdf

Model of Excellence and guidance for writing Thursday.pdf



Phonics homework wb 20th April.pdf

Reading Prince Cinders

Prince Cinders Wed.pdf

Prince Cinders Fri.pdf


Division Worksheet Monday.pdf

Mastery Monday.pdf

Monday Worksheet Answers.pdf

Division word problems Tuesday.pdf

Tuesday Worksheet Answers.pdf

Counting Coins Wednesday.pdf

Mastery Wed.pdf

Adding Coins Thursday.pdf

Thursday Answers.pdf

Week beginning 27th April

Weekly Home Learning schedule 27.4.20.pdf



Phonics homework wb 4th May.pdf

Writing - Paper Bag Princess

Paper Bag Princess Extract.pdf

Prince Cinders

Prince Cinders Vocab and answers.pdf


Money Problems Monday.pdf

Pet Pictogram Tuesday.pdf

Blank Tally Chart (Needed Tuesday while watching video).pdf

Completed Tally Tuesday + Wednesday.pdf

Mastery Tuesday.pdf

Blank Block Graph Wednesday.pdf

Pet survey questions Thursday.pdf

Answers to pet survey questions Thursday.pdf

Mastery Thursday.pdf


Week beginning 4th May

Weekly Home Learning schedule 4.5.20a.pdf


week 4 soft c and u-e.pdf

Writing The Paper Bag Princess

weds ! extracts.pdf

Reading Prince Cinders

Prince Cinders Questions and answers.pdf

wb 11th May planning sheet example.pdf


Matching analogue and digital Monday.pdf

Drawing hands on a clock Tuesday.pdf

Times to set online clock Tuesday.pdf

Shape Fractions worksheet Wednesday.pdf

Instructions to complete fractions shape task on tablet Wednesday.pdf

Fractions Thursday 14.5.pdf


Week beginning 11th May

Weekly Home Learning schedule 11.5.20.pdf


wb 18th May phonics homework.pdf

p3 flashcards.pdf

p5 flashcards.pdf


wb 18th May questions sheet.pdf


postcard template wb 18th .pdf


Addition number sentences Monday 18th May ONLINE + MATHS BOOK version.pdf

Addition number sentences Monday 18th May PRINT OUT VERSION.pdf

Mastery Monday.pdf

Subtraction number sentences Tuesday 19th May ONLINE + MATHS BOOK version.pdf

Sutraction number sentences Tuesday 19th May PRINT OUT VERSION.pdf

Mastery Tuesday.pdf

Addition and Subtraction Problem Solving Wednesday 20th May.pdf

Ordering months of the year Thursday 21.5.pdf

Week beginning 18th May

Weekly Home Learning schedule 18.5.20.pdf

Joy of Moving Home School Festival Booklet (1).pdf


Emily Brown and The Thing Vocabulary Sheet.pdf




Friday phonics review 5th june (1).pdf


Mastery Tuesday.pdf

Numbers to 100 Worksheet Wednesday 3.6.pdf

Mastery Wednesday 3.6.pdf

Numbers to 100 Problem Solving Worksheet Thursday 4.6.pdf

Mastery Thursday 4.6.pdf

Week beginning 1st June

Weekly Home Learning schedule 1.6.20 NEW.pdf


11.6.20 Topic Home Learning- Identify Plants and Trees.pdf


Common exception words Year 1.pdf


Counting in 2's Worksheet Tuesday 9.6.pdf

Counting in 5's worksheet Wednesday 10.6.pdf

Counting in 10's worksheet Thursday 11.6.pdf

Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's songs.pdf

Week beginning 8th June

Adapted for Home Week beginning 8th June.pdf



16.6.20 Tue - Topic Home Learning - Sketch and name a plant.pptx.pdf

17.6.20 Wed - Topic Home Learning.pdf

18.6.20 Thu - Topic Home Learning - My local area.pptx.pdf








English wb 15th June.pdf


Monday Missing Part sums.pdf

Monday Stretch.pdf

Missing Part Subtraction Sentences Tues.pdf

Stretch Tues.pdf

Halving w.sheet Thurs.pdf

Quarters w.sheet Thurs.pdf

Home Learning for week beginning 15th June

Week beginning 15th June Home Learning Weekly Planner.pdf



22.6.20 Mon/ 26.6.20 Fri Modelling Task.pdf

23.6.20 Tue - Home Learning - Label parts of a plant.pdf

24.6.20 Wed Home Learning - Use scales to make a cake.pdf

25.6.20 Thu - Home Learning - Dig up a plant.pptx.pdf








Wb 22nd June English.pdf

Example of story map Tuesday.pdf

Story Map Template Tuesday.pdf

Spider diagram Thursday.pdf


Adding coins Wednesday.pdf

Monday challenge.pdf

Monday measuring first page only.pdf

Thursday extra challenge.pdf

Thursday Sheet 1 subtraction-from-10-number-line-challenge-cards.pdf

Thursday Sheet 2 subtraction questions.pdf

Tuesday challenge.pdf

Weight Wednesday 24th June.pdf

Home Learning for week beginning 22nd June

Home Weekly Planner week beginning 22nd June.pdf


30.6.20 Tue Home Learning - Draw and label a plant.pptx.pdf

1.7.20 Wed - Home Learning - Find out about fruits and vegetables.pdf

2.7.20 Thu Home Learning - Where does food come from.pptx.pdf

Mindful Activities Friday.pdf


Wb 29th June.pdf

Monday questions or exclamations 29th.pdf

Picture of duck Monday.pdf

Tuesday Wb 29th June model of excellence.pdf

Tuesday Wb 29th June box up plan.pdf

Plan for innovation - weds 1st June.pdf


mon arrays.pdf

mon stretch.pdf

tues stretch.pdf

Tues arrays.pdf

Adding coins Wednesday.pdf

thurs stretch.pdf

Thurs division.pdf

Home Learning Week Beginning 29th June

Home Weekly Planner week beginning 29th June.pdf


Home Learning - Thu 9th July - Act out your story.pdf

Home Learning - Tue 7th July - Draw a vegetable.pdf

Topic Home Learning - Wed 8th July - prepare a fruit or vegetable for eating.pdf


Monday plan for letter.pdf

Wb 6th July.pdf


Monday task 6th July.pdf

Monday challenge.pdf

Tuesday complete 2d shapes.pdf

Tuesday challenge.pdf

Wednesday Challenge 8th July.pdf

Wednesday Finding the difference worksheet.pdf

Home Learning Week Beg 6th July

Home Weekly Planner week beginning 6th July.pdf