How are enquiries structured?

How are our enquiries structured?


We work with Lighting up Learning and use the Curious-City catalyst framework curriculum as a starting point for structuring and developing our curriculum for our learners at Blackhorse.


Our enquiries are structured and taught following the learning sequence detailed below.

The length of each stage will differ in each enquiry depending upon:

  • How much prior learning needs re-capping

  • The number and complexity of new skills which need to be acquired

  • The quantity of new knowledge which has to be taught and learnt


At the end of each stage, children will be assessed against defined ‘milestones’ to identify whether they are ready to move on to the next stage of the enquiry.


Where children are ready to move on more quickly than the rest of the class during the Practise Stages, they will be encouraged to deepen knowledge or further develop skills.


Where children require more support than the majority of the class during the Practice Stages, they will receive additional guidance and support from the class teacher.