How we teach Sport and Physical Education

Being a Champion Athlete at Blackhorse

Intent (what we aim to achieve): 

A Champion Athlete at Blackhorse learns the fundamental skills of movement, so they can apply these to Dance, Gymnastics, Team Games, Athletics and Swimming.  Through extensive opportunities, expert tuition, purposeful practice, and personal effort they gradually master these areas as they progress through the school. They will understand the role teamwork, communication, and leadership play in becoming a successful Athlete and the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.  


Implementation (what we're focusing on):

In Key Stage 1 children have one hour per week focused on developing the key fundamental skills of movement using the Real PE learning schemes. They then have the second hour in the week being taught sports though IPEP and Progressive Sports lesson plans which are intended to provide children opportunities to apply their fundamental movement skills into wider sporting contexts.


In Key Stage 2, PE lessons are focussed solely on IPEP and Progressive Sports lesson plans which integrate the skills they need to know into a wider variety of contexts (gym, team games, athletics, and dance) which they then revisit later in the Key Stage when a greater skills competency has been achieved.


Skills taught can be seen on the progression map which details the standard the children are expected to be performing the skills at for their year group.


Implementation (how we'll know if we've succeeded): 

We will know that we have succeeded in improving our athletes this year through looking at teachers' planning sequences, exploring assessment data and speaking to children about their athletic development.


Our Physical Education Ethos: 


At Blackhorse, we understand that Champion Athletes are built, not born which is why Physical Education plays an essential part within our curriculum at the school. 


Each class will have 2 hours of PE every week.   In key stage 1, 1 hour is dedicated to developing the children’s fundamental skills of movement and the other hour focuses on applying these skills in individual, small group and team activities.  


When the children reach key stage 2 they will continue to build upon their fundamental skills of movement but will do this through the wider sports twice a week.  Lessons will focus on areas such as dance, gymnastics, games and athletics. The children will also have the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills within the water safety through our swimming lessons. 


Alongside their lessons, students have the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular sports clubs that provide children the opportunity to participate in competitions and events at both an intra and inter school level. These help build co-operative skills and build self-esteem and a sense of pride in themselves. 


We believe athletic excellence is attainable with coaching and practice and are the most successful school in competitive sports in the county, winning over 100 trophies in 26 different sports in the past 10 years.