How we teach the wider Enquiry Curriculum

Enquiry at Blackhorse Primary

What is enquiry-based learning at Blackhorse Primary School?


The focus at Blackhorse is to enable learners to become curious about the local world around them. We want our children to become, for instance, scientists or historians and use the skills of those subjects. This will enable our learners to confidently see and use these different skills enabling them to become...


Geographers  •  Mathematicians  •  Artists  •  Athletes  • Authors  •  Scientists  •  Readers  •  Philosophers  •  Linguists  •  Engineers  •  Historians  •  Musicians 



We work with Lighting up Learning and use the Curious-City catalyst framework curriculum as a starting point for developing our curriculum into a tailored Bristol version of the National Curriculum; we have created a bespoke, locally focused curriculum experiences for our learners at Blackhorse.


Our curriculum is a skeleton of curious and creative learning opportunities that provides guidance for our teachers to inspire learners with local places, people and stories, yet has lots of room for additional contextualisation. 


We find our enquiries enhances what we were already doing delivering the National Curriculum 2014, but this approach streamlines, aligns and ensures everything we do is purposeful, progressive and imperative to the learning experiences in Early Years to Year 6, including our amazing Resource Base learners.

To ensure our learners get a broad and balanced experience, there are seven themes we use as different lens on the world to help teachers locate the learning in different ways such as outdoor learning, global goals or rights and respecting. These themes enable our learners to become all of our different states of being at different times!



Please click on the document below, which gives a brief definition of each of the themes we explore at Blackhorse.