Key Stage 1

Mathematician session


Key Stage one organise their long-term Mathematics curriculum through White Rose’s yearly overview and then use their small steps to plan individual lessons.


Varied Fluency

Varied fluency provided the foundation for teaching the core mathematical knowledge in KS1. Children are presented with new mathematical concepts in a variety of ways and context. Whilst these concepts are still being introduced, it may be that only varied fluency is taught in a session in order to ensure children are secure and fluent before moving forward. Finally, we ensure that children are introduced to a wide range of mathematical language during each session.


All of the core number skills are also supported by our calculation policy, which clearly demonstrates which mathematical approaches should be taught in each year group.


Problem solving and reasoning

Once children are fluent with a mathematical concept, they are moved on to problem solving and reasoning. Whilst the mathematical concepts are still being introduced, problem solving and reasoning is normally completed as a whole class activity, with lots of targeted questioning to assess the children’s knowledge and push their learning forward. It is important that all children are exposed to problem solving and reasoning at least weekly.