Keys Stage 2

Mathematician sessions


KS2 organise their long-term Mathematics curriculum through the Math No Problem’s yearly overview and use their small steps for individual lesson objectives. From there each session is then split into 4 sections, fluency, varied fluency, reasoning and, problem solving.


Fluency and varied fluency

Each session should start with the concept being introduced through fluency tasks. This should build the children’s understanding of the mathematical concept whilst providing a variety of ways they may encounter this concept.

All of the core number skills are also supported by our calculation policy, which clearly demonstrates which mathematical approaches should be taught in each year group.


Reasoning and problem solving

All children move from fluency into problem solving and reasoning together. There is always at least 2 of each question, to once again provide a range of situations the children may encounter this concept.

 In Year three, where some of the concepts are still new, they may choose to use the KS1 approach, where only fluency and varied fluency is taught in the first session. However, once the children have encountered these concepts, they should go back to using all four parts in every lesson.