Being a Musician at Blackhorse

Being a Musician at Blackhorse Primary



At Blackhorse Primary School, we believe that music education can open up new and exciting avenues for our children.


Here at Blackhorse we want every child to have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument alongside their whole class music lessons.  Research has shown there are many benefits of learning music, including:

  • Builds concentration: developing motor skills, reading, listening and working to improve your practice all need concentration

  • Better memory and reading skills: Learning to read music and learn a piece of music builds these skills

  • Improved co-ordination: You need to use both hands (and sometimes feet) to do different things when you are playing

  • Better listening skills: you need to be able to follow instructions carefully and listen to your own playing

  • A sense of achievement when a piece is learnt or performed


Most importantly, playing music is something you can do with others and is great fun!  Where we can, we encourage the children to play and perform together as this gives them a joint sense of achievement.  In the past few years musicians at Blackhorse have played in the School Orchestra (including a performance to the then Education Secretary!), performed on our charity single and joined the band at the Nexus concert at St George’s Hall Bristol, as well as showing their musical achievements at regular school concerts.



The school has three main approaches to developing children's enjoyment, confidence and competence in music through:

  • music lessons as part of the curriculum;
  • access to free universal whole-class tuition led by a specialist peripatetic music teacher;
  • through individual or small group specialist peripatetic music tuition.


All children at Blackhorse in Years 2 to 5 have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument in free whole-class tuition sessions and then, should they wish to do so, moving on to individual tuition.


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Y2 Ukulele Orchestra

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The youngest Ukulele Orchestra in the county take to the stage Dec 2017. Part of Blackhorse Universal Music Offer.