Academy discussion put on hold until 2020

As promised in our last update letter we are writing once again to keep all stakeholders fully informed of our progress and most recent thinking.


As a group of school leaders, we have spent considerable time considering our vision for our group of schools and all that we want to achieve. Part of this process has been to identify what we have already achieved through our schools working together and what we would like to achieve in the future. As leaders we are ambitious for our schools and children and strongly believe that we can achieve even more however, there are current restrictions in our set-up which prevent some of the work we would like to and need to do such as sharing resources and collective purchasing.


Q. Are NEXUS schools becoming an academy?

A. Not at this point. After a great amount of research, the governors and leaders feel that there is still much work to do before considering forming a multi academy trust. Our intention is to look at ways to formalise our partnership further over the next two years.


Q. Will you become an academy trust in the future?

A. We don’t know. We intend to revisit forming a multi academy after two years of more formalised working. – if we believe it is best for our schools and children at that time we will once again explore the options.


Q. What will more formalised working look like?

A. In the first instance it will be through a written agreement between schools setting out how we will work together to continue to support and challenge each other to achieve the best for our pupils and communities. We have already employed a single school improvement advisor to support us in this work. We are also keen to explore ways to combine, share and maximise our purchasing powers.


Q. What were the key factors in delaying the forming multi academy trust?

A. Academies are most commonly formed by one very successful school setting up a trust then other schools who perhaps need some support join as time goes on a good example of this is the Cabot Federation. Schools then within that trust operate in much the same way in terms of finance, assessment systems and staffing structures etc. This would not be a model for NEXUS as we are all strong schools choosing to working together to better serve our pupils and our systems are not all the same and it will take some time to align them.


Q. What about all of the reasons why you wanted to become an academy trust?

A. We still want and are committed those benefits and will work to achieve them just in a different way in the first instance. The only objectives we will not be achieve are the curriculum freedoms and the ability to sponsor other schools. However, we will continue to support other schools through our teaching school just as we do now.


Q. Has the union Campaign influenced the decision?

A. No. Our schools have always been and will always be committed to improvement through collaboration to best serve our pupils, our staff and you, our parents know this. We believe this is why parents have been supportive throughout this process.


Thank you all for your continued support.

NEXUS Headteachers