Welcome to all our new learners for September 2020!

Dear Parents and Carers


We would like to say a huge welcome to all the families who found out that they have a place for their child in the Reception 2020 cohort today!


I imagine that you will be feeling two emotions today: excitement - your child has a school and this is the beginning of a new journey for them and you; and

apprehension - your child is starting school during a strange time for us all.


Starting school is always an exciting and nerve-wracking step, even during normal times, and it is understandable if you are feeling a little extra nervous about starting school after schools have been closed for a long time and (right now) we are not able to provide normal service.


But we will be with you every step of the way!


It is possible that some of our usual induction activities (which usually start in the next few weeks) may have to be adapted depending on how long the lockdown lasts. However, please don't worry - we will plan lots of activities (either face-to-face when we re-open) or virtually to help you and your child take their first steps into school life.


I will be writing to all the new Reception parents soon to formally welcome you to the school and you are welcome to contact myself as headteacher simon.botten@blackhorsepri.org.uk if you have any burning questions.


Our two Reception teachers (EYFS leader, Sarah O'Connor, and EYFS teacher Vikki Gale) have been recording a lot of stories and lessons over on the school's 'Reception TV Channel' during the closure and there are many stories available recorded by the Reception Team (and all the other staff) on the 'Story Box Channel'. Why not sit down and enjoy one of the stories with your child so that they can start to get to know their teachers for September?


There will be lots of information available to you all over the coming weeks. But for now, welcome to Blackhorse and we can't wait to see you all soon!


Simon Botten