Our Values and Aims

At Blackhorse Primary School we have 4 key values which underpin everything we do and are discussed often. They are: 


Respect - for ourselves, our families, our school and our communities.

Pride - in our achievements and those of others.

Bravery - To attempt challenges which will be difficult.

Success - A belief that with effort anything is possible.


Our Aims, remind everyone in our school community what we are trying to achieve at the end of every day, week, term, year and by the time our children leave us:


We aim for every child to:

1. know how to stay safe, healthy, happy and make sensible choices;

2. have respect for themselves, the environment and their communities;

3. be resilient, brave and inquisitive learners;

4. achieve our high expectations;

5. aspire to be their 'best self' and change the world!

Our Values characters are discussed throughout the school (and are also the 4 house mascots):

So that the children can get to know and understand our school values, we have 4 characters which represent each of the values (Respect the Wonder Dog, Proud Pony, Brave Bear and Samda the Successful). Stories about these characters are told in assemblies illustrating the value we are trying to instill. The characters are led by our hapless super hero 'Captain Champion'. He often lacks the values that we champion but, with the help of his friends, is learning to be a better super-hero by adopting our values.

Our Values characters at Blackhorse