Pavilion Project



In our video above you will see how amazing our children are at running.  We made this video to help us raise money and install a daily mile running track on our school playing field which, with the huge support of our PTA, staff, families and friends we achieved in 2019.  So now it's time for our next challenge .........


Some of you may be aware that our School has an area of playing field across the road from our main school site and some of the residencies within our community back on to or look over this.  This field is currently let to the local football club who have their sports pavilion in the adjacent field and use it on weekends and evenings for their youth teams.  The site has very limited use for us as a school because there are no toilet or changing facilities for our children to use.  We are therefore proposing to install a small pavilion which will provide toilet facilities, a first aid area, storage and a multipurpose space with a small kitchen and changing area.  We believe this pavilion will allow us to host our Sports Day and other sporting events in the day like athletics; enhance our outdoor learning experiences; and increase our offer of extended school and summer holiday opportunities.  It could also provide an additional letting facility for our wider school community.


We see the implementation of this project as being a really positive contribution to our school community and our wider community of which you are a very important part.  Blackhorse Primary School already has a very successful range of sporting clubs including a running club with over 60 children participating and we are keen to extend our after school clubs and encourage our community to get more active, develop their health and wellbeing.  As a School we are committed to building many more healthy and active champions and coaches not just within our School, but within the wider school community.  This pavilion will build upon our foundation for getting active and being well not only in the short term but in the long term future.  We believe champions are not born – they are built.


This pavilion will be used by the school primarily during the school day and occasionally through the school holidays.  Evening lettings will be limited as there will be NO flood lighting of the site – so it will only be used during daylight hours and never any later than 9pm.  Its use will primarily be restricted to sport and athletics although we would consider local groups like the Brownies or Scouts being able to use this facility for example.   The siting of the pavilion is just inside the double gates and adjacent to the existing Football Club Pavilion as we will be sharing their services like electric/water.  We are enclosing an aerial view so you can see the exact positioning of this building.


In terms of timescale, the first thing we needed to do was to clear a small area of the copse just inside the gate, which we did at the beginnig of April.  Once this consultation has taken place and your feedback has been received and considered we will then go to planning and aim to complete this project in the autumn with the actual building taking about 2-4 weeks to install.


You may ask why we don’t just use the Football Club pavilion that is already there?  This is because it is not suitable for children due to the bar (not age appropriate) and toilet facilities and it’s use as a learning environment for children from the age of 4 through to 11.  You also don’t need to worry about parking either.  There will be no additional parking as we will either use our own on our school site or we can use the existing Football Club parking with their agreement.  We already share each other’s facilities in this way.


We had planned to invite you to our School to talk this project through with you all and show you the plans, but because of the current Coronavirus scenario and restrictions that this poses, we are really disappointed that we cannot do this.  It is really important to us that we can share the plans and ideas for this project with you fully before we go to planning.  We want to be sure that we have taken into account your thoughts and ideas and hopefully alleviate any concerns you may have about this project.  We have therefore taken the decision to make this information public on our website and to open up a survey where we would really welcome your feedback.


We also understand that you may not be able to access this survey online or would prefer to write to us instead and you can do this by sending your feedback by email to or by post to Blackhorse Primary School, Blackhorse Lane, Emersons Green, Bristol BS16 6TR.  


We have professionals from the Local Authority working with us on this and we will aim to respond to your questions/queries and publish the feedback we receive from the survey.  The deadline for this consultation is Tuesday, 23 June 2020.