Reception 21-22

Welcome to Reception!

We hope that you will find the information on this page helpful in giving you an insight into some of the learning that takes place across our busy Reception classes.

Term 3

Our "Fab 5" books this term are: The Little Red Hen; Handa's Surprie; Have you filled bucket today?; We all Belong; Pancakes to Parathas.


In Literacy, we will focus primarily on retelling the stories The Little Red Hen and Handa's Surprise as well as getting to know the characters and setting for the stories. 


In Maths, we will be continuing to build our counting and number recognition knowledge. We will be consolidating our learning about numbers up to 10 and explore different ways of adding numbers to  make different totals. We will be comparing lengths and heights as well as finding out 3D shapes.


Our Enquiry question is What food do people eat? and we will be learning about where different foods come from and how the food that is eaten and shared is different from around the world. We will be making toast with butter or jam (sometimes both!) and will taste some different fruits, linked to our story. To finish off, we will be designing and making our own fruit kebabs. Yum!

Term 2

This term our Enquiry question is What is a celebration? and we will be finding out about different celebrations and the traditions that go with them. We will learn about Diwali, the festival of light, about Birthdays and Christmas. We will begin to compare how celebrations around the world are similar and also look at how they are different.


Our "Fab 5" books are: Stickman; The Leaf Thief; Celebrations Around the World; The Gingerbread Man; Beegu.


Stickman and The Gingerbread Man will form the basis of our Litercay learning. We will learn to retell them using story maps and learn about who the main characters are. Making (and eating!) gingerbread men will help us with writing a set of instructions too. We will be learning about kindness from Beegu and importance of having friends. Stickman will lead us nicely into Christmas as we get ready to practise and perform the Reception Nativity as well.


In Maths, we will be learning about pattern and making repeating patterns of increasing complexity. We will be learning about numbers up to 5 in detail, comparing more and less, finding one more and one less, adding and taking away. We will learn the names of some 2D shapes and begin to talk about their properties.


This term is going to be super busy!

Term 1

Welcome to Reception! This term our main focus will be supporting the children to feel happy and safe at school. Our first Enquiry question Who's Who? will help the children with learning the names of key adults at school but also the names of the children in their class who they will be playing with and who will be becoming their friends.


We will also explore the question What's Where? and this will help the children to find their feet at school and get to know their new setting. We will find out about where different toys and resources "live" to help keep the classroom tidy but also where our own belongings go to keep them safe while we are at school. The children will explore the wider school by locating different important landmarks in school, e.g. the library, dinner hall, head teacher's office.


We will introduce our first "Fab 5" (these are the core books that will be shared repeatedly with the children) books, which are: The Three Billy Goats Gruff; Supertato; Inside my Body; What makes me me?; Mixed. These books will help us to find out what makes us special.


Our Literacy will be mainly based on Supertato and The Three Billy Goats Gruff and we will be introduced to story maps that will help us to retell the stories off by heart. We will explore these stories further with craft activities and will even make our own real life Supertato!


In Maths, we will begin learning how to count and recognise numbers up to 5. We will compare quantities and begin learning key vocabulary linked to Maths.


We are really looking forward to getting started!