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Welcome to the Reception are of the school website. This is where you will find up to date information regarding pupils in both Ash and Beech Base. 


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Learning to Read with Phonics

We use Phonics as our primary method of teaching children to read at school. We use the 'Letters and Sounds' publication to deliver daily Phonics lessons which teach children the sounds they need to know and how to use them to read.


We understand that Phonics can seem strange and confusing if you are not familiar with it and we have put this information together to help you support your child with their sounds and learning to read at home. We have included some useful websites and a glossary of terms to help you.




Sound: This is the 'sound' a letter makes and is often different to its letter name, e.g. the 'a' sound in 'cat'. Some sounds are made by more than one letter.


Blend/blending: These words describe how children need to "push" or "slide" sounds together to read a word.


Segment/segmenting: These words describe how children "break down" a word into its individual sounds.


Digraph: This is when two letters work together to make one sound, e.g. ch, ai, ee


Trigraph: This is when three letters work together to make one sound, e.g. igh, ear


Phonetically: When we ask children to write a word "phonetically" we are wanting them to use the sounds that they know, even if this means it is spelt incorrectly. For example, 'happy' might be written as 'hapee'; 'love' might be written as 'luv'; 'leaf' might be written as 'leef'. 



Helping with Maths


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Additional Home Learning Resouces


Below you will find some website links that may be useful to support you child with their learning.