Being an Athlete at Blackhorse - Sports and Physical Education

Sports and Physical Education at Blackhorse

Physical Education is an essential part of the Blackhorse curriculum and we strongly promote healthy, active lifestyles. The school is currently one of the most successful in the South West for sporting excellence, winning 42 trophies in 21 sports over the past 6 years. 9 children have moved on to compete in national athletics competitions (especially Cross-country) and a number of children every year are selected to play for FA Football Clubs or the South Gloucestershire Football Team. We provide opportunities for every child to represent the school in sporting competitions during their time at Blackhorse and in 2016-17, 74% of children had attended an extra-curricular sports club.



The teaching of PE at Blackhorse is split into 2 parts: REAL PE and Wider Sport.


REAL PE (1 hour per week):

Real PE is, first and foremost, a philosophy and approach which aims to transform how PE is taught in order to include, challenge and support EVERY child. It is a progressive essential skills scheme of work which develops the 12 fundamental skills needed to gain physical and sporting mastery across the 6 key dimensions of: Creative, Cognitive, Physical, Health & Fitness, Social & Personal. 

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Wider Sports (1 hour per week):

This covers all of the other areas of PE covered in the National Curriculum, including: Games, Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics, Swimming and Inclusive Sports. Children use the fundamental skills developed in REAL PE within all these traditional aspects of PE.


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