Home learning (22.03.23)


Below you will find the tasks to complete at home this week. If you are struggling finding time or a quiet place, please speak to your teacher as soon as possible.


Remember, your reading records will be checked for five reads on Wednesday where there should be ONE quality comment. TTRS - Log on is checked on a Thursday. 


Home Learning Tasks


You will be given your assessment papers from the assessment week by your teacher. Your parents know these are coming home because we mentioned it at this week's parents' evenings. 


We would like you to take each paper and focus in on the questions you got wrong or didn't achieve full marks on. Using a different colour pen, you should 'have another go'. Use the space around the previous answer you provided. You can also use your homework book.


Please make a note of those questions that you would like to ask an adult about next week in our homework session but also use some initiative to find out how to answer them rather than just resorting in asking your teacher - you could use your parents, older siblings or the internet.


The reading text booklet can be found below (if you need it for reference), as well as the answer booklets; this might help if you want to check with your parents. Sometimes finding the answer can help you work out where you went wrong and how it can be corrected.


If there are any problems, then please see an adult in the Year 6 team.


Extension (if there isn't too much to correct!)


Extend and challenge yourself with some more revision here! You could also visit the Maths Bot website to practice more SAT type questions: this will boost your confidence!