Time to Relax

Enjoy this Opportunity to Relax


Enjoy this time to relax as well as working from home! In our busy lifestyles, we don't often have the time to stop and relax, be, or to take an extended amount of time to be creative! Enjoy these moments.


Try some of these things:

  • Care for your sunflower and do some other gardening
  • Eat lunch with your family
  • Make a card for someone who can't get out
  • Read and listen to new books or try new magazines
  • Bake and cook together
  • If you have Lego, build and invent (see the 30 Day Lego Challenge below)
  • Go for a walk with your family and dog once a day
  • Visit a virtual museum
  • Rearrange your room or Spring clean
  • Chase the sun! Lye in the sun in whatever room it is in! Move each time!
  • Make a time capsule to remember this strange time!
  • Play new games (and not just online!)
  • Make and do puzzles


Remember we want to see some of these things you are doing, as well as learning! Email pictures to your class teacher.