Week 14

Our final week...


Welcome to this LAST week's home learning timetable during this strange lockdown period! The best thing about this week is that we get to see you (on Wednesday and Thursday) and you can come back into school before you become our fantastic Year sixes!


Task 1

If you haven't already, please make sure you have watched Mr Botten's video explaining how to come into school next week as it will feel and look very different. 


Task 2

All we ask you to do this week, when you're not in school, is to go online and complete the Big Maths activities: Learn Its, CLIC and a SAFE challenge. TTRS will also be available for you to gain even more coins.


Task 3

We are not sure whether Bug Club has been closed yet for the summer but you could try logging in to this too to continue reading. Failing that we would expect you to still read your personal reading book. 


Task 4

As we are sure would be usual for the last week of term, you need to fit a film afternoon in this week (don't forget the popcorn or sweet treats we would usually share too!) and maybe a board games morning; seeing as you are at home, you could even get out your favourite toys or games console! What a fun task... it is the last week!



As always, all of Team 5 want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for persevering and showing your commitment to your home learning over these last few months. You also need to give your amazing home school educators a hug to thank you for caring and teaching you, when things haven't been that easy! 


See you next week! smiley