What are states of being?

What are States of Being?


States of Being focus on our children actively using skills and knowledge for a purpose. They focus on giving experiences, talking to role models and creating aspiration.


States of Being move away from content in subject boxes and uses clusters of knowledge that can easily be applied between subjects. By learning how to punctuate as an author, they can use this knowledge when they are being scientists as they start to understand that scientists also need to write to convey what they have discovered.




Each state of being is characterised to help the children understand what is means and to also challenge stereotypes around them. You will see them around our school on visual timetables, termly planning and newsletters, school displays, slides, in our assemblies and in books. We intend for our children to talk about being an author or a scientist.


Please open the 'Being Not Doing' leaflet below, which explains in more detail what our states of being are and how we use them at Blackhorse and at home.