What is enquiry-based learning?

What is enquiry-led learning?


In a nutshell, enquiry-led learning provides learners with key questions that are too big to answer in one go, but not so conceptually large that our learners do not understand. The purpose is to guide learners through a scaffolded process, answering a big question by producing something, such as a piece of writing, performance or animation at the end in the form of a challenge.



What are the Curious-City core principles?


Cognitive development, emotional literacy and language levels underpin the approach of Curious-City learning. With strong links to mastery-led learning principles (Bloom’s Taxonomy) we recognise children's awareness of the world develops as they mature and that this has a significant impact on their ability to learn.


Initially, we believe in anchoring all aspects of learning to reinforce personal identity and the present day, essential in creating self-aware individuals. As they develop we will strive to help them connect to the immediate environment/ community/ country until they are able conceptualise abstract themes such as tolerance or culture on a global scale: from ‘Me’ to ‘Everyone’.



This process cannot be rushed, nor can it be executed in a haphazard approach, as every layer builds on the last. This approach affects the content as well as a way in which enquiry questions are structured, for instance.


How does this affect lessons?

We like to think of a child’s time in school as a series of learning milestones rather than a set of lessons. Sometimes the learning milestones during enquiry are short, sharp and immersive, whereas other times they are light-touch events over a longer period of time.


This is exactly what we want our curious curriculum to be like. The usual focus of English and Maths teaching continues across Blackhorse, enhanced by locally rich and relevant experiences through enquiry.