Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome Year One! We are very much looking forward to adding some exciting activities for you all to take part in from home. You are all such superstars and we can't wait wait to see what you are up to. If you have any suggestions or ideas please let us know. Happy Learning!

Home Learning Week Beg 6th July

Home Learning Week Beginning 29th June

Home Learning for week beginning 22nd June

Home Learning for week beginning 15th June

Writing The Paper Bag Princess

Writing - Paper Bag Princess

Science Guess the Shadow

Week Beginning 20th April 2020

Year One Home School Learning

A poem you may want to share

WB 30.3.20

Every Friday BIG MATHS – CLIC & Learn Its

Each week on a Friday your child should be completing their weekly Learn Its and CLIC. These activities are little assessments which we use in school to help support the children and allow us to quickly identify areas that some children may to work on a little bit more. With the children working from home the weekly CLIC and Learn Its are a great way for you to discover areas to support your child in their maths development.


For some children it will not be possible to complete their CLIC and Learn Its online. In your child’s home school learning pack they will have received their Big Maths login and a handout with 2 flow charts on it. On flow chart page in the top right hand corner your child’s teacher has handwritten which CLIC your child is on and which number Learn Its.


Please follow the instructions below to access the correct CLIC and Learn Its for your child.



Learn Its can only be completed once a week, teachers are unable to reset this. If your child wishes to practice additional ‘Learn Its’ style questions Numbots is a great alternative.


All children are able to complete their Learn Its online. However, when completing the questions online there is count down timer set for 60 seconds.


Your child’s class teacher will have recorded on the handouts you received if your child is working on completing the questions in 60 seconds. If you are unsure please contact Miss Stephens or Miss Deacon (contact details are on the flow charts).


If your child is not yet working on answering their Learn Its in 60 seconds they will find attempting to answers the questions online really frustrating. It is much more important your child takes their time and answers the questions correctly on paper before they start trying to work quickly under pressure.

Your child’s teacher will have emailed you if your child is working on a different set of Learn Its questions.


 The following flow chart is also helpful:


If your child is working on CLIC 4, CLIC 3, CLIC 2 or CLIC 1:


  • Your child will need to complete these questions on paper rather than online. This is because your child needs to tell you some answers. Please find the CLIC questions below for your child and a copy of the instructions you need to read to them for each question.
  • As your child completes their CLIC please make a note of the questions they answer incorrectly.

If your child is working on CLIC 5 or CLIC 6 they can complete the activity online using their Big Maths login. They can only complete it once a week. As your child completes their CLIC online please make a note of the questions they answer incorrectly.


Once your child has completed their CLIC refer to the CLIC home learning activities handout for your child’s CLIC number, e.g. CLIC 4. Activities have been set out to match the question numbers. Therefore if your child got question 7 wrong on CLIC 3 look at the CLIC 3 home learning activities handout and work on the activities for question 7 with your child.

The following flow chart is also helpful:
WB 23.3.20

Story map example

Topic (evaluation saved as topic final lesson_


Weekly Phonics Homework

Phonics Homework


Weekly Timetable


Science Guess the Shadow


Reading Prince Cinders



Writing - Paper Bag Princess