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Welcome to Blackhorse Primary School! We are a large primary school in Emersons Green, Bristol, which believes strongly that an amazing primary school education will lay the foundations for endless opportunities in learning and life.

We achieve this by aiming for excellence in everything we do. Only outstanding is good enough - it is what all our children deserve. Our Aims and Values (below) are very important to us and are discussed around our school on a daily basis. They remind us all (staff, children, helpers and visitors) that by Blackhorse Primary School giving our best every day, we can achieve great things. 

This website provides an overview of what goes on at Blackhorse. Regular news and photos are also shared daily on Twitter - follow us at @Blackhorsepri! 


Simon Botten Headteacher

School Song 'Champion Learners' - By Matt Horn


At Blackhorse we have 4 key values; attitudes we cherish and discuss often:

Respect - for ourselves, our family, our school, our community and our world.

Pride - in our achievements and those of others.

Bravery - sometimes learning is difficult but we are brave and enjoy the challenge.

Success - we are all capable of doing amazing things!


At Blackhorse Primary School we Aim for every child to:


1. be safe, healthy and make sensible choices;

2. have respect for themselves and others;

3. be confident, brave and inquisitive learners;

4. achieve high standards;

5. aspire to be their 'best self' and to go for it!

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