Welcome to Blackhorse Primary School!

A little look at how we build champions...

Welcome to our September 2022 Intake!


This page is for parents of children who have been offered a place in the September 2022 intake. If you are interested in joining any other year in the school (or interested in the September 2023 intake) please ring the school office on 01454 866570). 


The following visits are for parents/ children joining Reception at Blackhorse in September 2022:

  • Thursday 9th June 6pm: Parent orientation meeting - everything you need to know about starting school at Blackhorse Primary.
  • Tuesday 21st June 2pm: Reception children visit for children with specific needs (please let the office know if you think your child has an SEND or other need which means they would benefit from this extra visit.
  • Tuesday 5th July 2pm: Reception children's first full visit. A chance to have a play in the classrooms and meet the staff.
  • Thursday 14th July 2pm: Reception children's second full visit.



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