Our Extra-curricular Clubs at Blackhorse

Extra-curricular Clubs at Blackhorse



The school strongly believes that engaging children in Extra-Curricular clubs and groups is fundamental to building Champion Learners as it fosters respect, pride, bravery and a desire to succeed. Blackhorse Primary School believes that such opportunities allow children to attain mastery and enjoyment through purposeful practice and commitment. We believe that this greatly enhances their self-confidence and self-esteem which transfers to other, academic, aspects of the curriculum.


Extra-curricular clubs cover a wide range of areas, but most commonly sports, life-skills and the arts.


All children from Key Stage 2 onwards are strongly encouraged to join an Extra-curricular club. Vulnerable children, or those in receipt of Pupil Premium, are given priority when allocating spaces in these clubs.


The school runs 15-20 Extra-Curricular clubs each week during lunchtime or after school.


Most clubs are run by staff and provided free of charge, but a number of clubs (which provide specialist coaching) have a cost attached. Vulnerable children and children in receipt of Pupil Premium have access to all clubs free of charge.


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