Set 22.10.21, Due 05.11.21


Pre-learning information

You might find some helpful tasks, activities or information that might help prepare you for your learning in the week ahead too. Have a look at what we are doing and the resources below.


Being a Mathematician

When we come back from our half term break, we will be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages and the links between them.


Use these posters that are in the classroom ready to show you the method and success in this area of maths. Understand the relationship between them.



Being a Writer

Next week you will be introduced to a new Year 6 writing skill - using semi-colons to mark boundaries in sentences.


This BBC Bitesize page has lots of information and a video explaining how to use semi-colons.


This link is very good for you and your parents to share, as it introduces the most feared of all punctuation marks!


Colons (:) and Semi-Colons (;)

Using a Semi-Colon

Semi-Colon song

How to use a semicolon