Set: 04.03.22, Due: 11.03.22

Home learning (04.03.22)


Below you will find the tasks to complete at home this week. If you are struggling finding time or a quiet place, please speak to your teacher as soon as possible.


Remember, your reading records will be checked on Monday and everything else on Friday.


* You should decide which ability (CORE or EXTENSION) you would like to attempt. Your teacher may ask you to attempt a particular ability though. ONE WHOLE task has to be completed ready for next Friday. You can, of course, complete both tasks should you wish!


(4)  Reading - recorded in your reading log with ONE quality comment (Hand in Monday)

(5)  TTRS - Log on and complete 20 sessions (Remember this is checked on a Thursday and those who don't complete it will have chance to catch-up on the Monday lunchtime!)

Pre-learning information

You might find some helpful tasks, activities or information that might help prepare you for your learning in the week ahead too. Have a look at what we are doing and the resources below.


Spelling 'SHUN' suffixes

Have a watch of this and maybe even try the quiz to get ready for next week's spelling!

Being a Reader

Have a sneak-peek at our text for next weeks' reading text. It is a short text because we want to share all the fabulous illustrations that go with it.