The Primary Excellence Partnership

What is the Primary Excellence Partnership?


The Primary Excellence Partnership is a formal collaboration between Blackhorse Primary School and Emersons Green Primary School.


The Partnership began in September 2022 and involves the two schools working closely together to improve teaching and provide more opportunities for children. The schools are both led by Executive Headteacher, Simon Botten, along with Neil Fry as Head of School at Blackhorse and Soraya Young as Head of School at Emersons Green.


As two popular and OFSTED-rated 'Good' schools, both with Resource Bases for children with SEND, the two schools are equal partners. 


Much of the work of the partnership happens behind the scenes as it is focused on developing teaching and the curriculum. So far, the partnership has devised a highly-successful reading strategy which is now used at both schools; has shared subject leaders for Computing and Religious Education; has developed principles of ‘expert tuition’, which provide a common structure for most lessons; and are currently working on a joint writing strategy.


There are also some initiatives which directly offer more opportunities to the children, with Emersons Green joining Blackhorse in some extra-curricular after school clubs. The schools also visited London together in 2023 and are involved in a joint camping experience in 2024.


What are we trying to achieve?


Our vision:

Building excellence practice together to deliver exceptional outcomes for pupils.


Key aims for the Partnership: