Week 5

Week 5 Home Learning


You are all champions! We are coming to the end of this term and we think you have been fantastic with the effort you are putting into being a home learner! Thank you.


Below is what you will need for this week's learning!







Reading Extra: Book of the Day

Click on some of the books that interest you to find a link that will let you listen to authors and illustrators read the first chapter of their book. 




Sit back and listen to something new!



This week's enquiry learning is a mixture of being an artist and being an engineer. We will hopefully share some of the work you do in our afternoon sessions and are happy to share via the school website and Twitter


(Wed - Fri) Being an Engineer : Designing a Bridge

Still image for this video
Use this video from Wed - Fri to help guide your way through to designing, making and evaluating the bridge .


Extra Support or Pre-learning information


We have included some resources below that might support your learning for this week. Scroll down and have a look. Remember, if you do have any questions just ask us. 


Being a Mathematician

We are looking at using angles and calculating angles.



Being a Writer

This week we will be revising how to use the passive and active verbs. This BBC Bitesize page is a great start to start learning about passive and active verbs. While this Teacher Talk from BBC iPlayer is short and explains how to use them.


This school page also has a lot of good video choices you might want to explore. We have some videos below too.


This link is very good for you and your parents to share, as it explains passive and active and allows you to watch this video:

What are active and passive sentences?

Active versus Passive Voice