PSHE Curriculum

Children learn about a variety of Personal, Social and Health Education themes through planned PSHE lessons which take place every term in every year group. Whilst the content and nature of the lessons develops as the children get older, the curriculum is based around 6 key themes which the children return to each year. These are:


Term 1 - Joining in and Joining up.

This focuses on friendship, rules and being part of a community.


Term 2 - Be Friendly, Be Safe.

This focuses on keeping safe and includes Drug Education, Coping with emergencies, Identifying Danger, and Anti-Bullying strategies.


Term 3 - Being Responsible.

This focuses on personal responsibilities including personal hygiene, healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, citizenship and financial management. 


Term 4 - Caring for our World.

This develops children's understanding of local, national and global communities, addressing themes such as caring for the environment, caring for animals, charity, wealth and poverty, fair trade and challenging stereotypes.


Term 5 - Proud to be me.

This focuses on self-image and self-esteem, addressing themes such as managing feelings, embracing diversity and making friends.


Term 6 - Growing up and moving on.

This focuses on Relationship and Sex Education, Sun Safety, Transitions to new classes/ schools.