Being an Artist

Being an Artist at Blackhorse Primary


Intent (what we aim to achieve):

A Champion Artist at Blackhorse is able to express their individuality and creativity through Art. They develop key artistic skills to present their unique worldviews through drawing, painting and sculpture. By focusing on carefully chosen media each year, they are able to master different techniques and develop their confidence in embodying an Artist.


Implementation (what we’re focusing on improving)

This year, as a school we are focusing on developing the children's pencil work as we believe that this is a core artistic skill that, with practice, can unlock the children's confidence and creativity. This whole-school project will allow the children to see the progress that can be made through the practice and development of pencil control and how this can have a positive impact on their artistic journeys.


Impact (how we’ll know if we succeeded):

We will look at artwork at different points in the year and looks at the key skills that have improved. The children will have a key part in this process and develop an ‘Artists eye.’ We will talk to children about their artistic skills on numerous occasions. We want to know how they have developed as artists throughout the year.


Blackhorse Head Artists: Alex Wilson (Yr 1) & Laura Jenkins (Yr 4)