Blackhorse Hall of Champions


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At Blackhorse, we believe that Champions are Built not Born!



This is the Blackhorse Hall of Champions. It is a special place where past winners of the 'Blackhorse Champion of the Week' award are remembered.


The Blackhorse Champion of the Week is the hardest,  and most coveted, award to win at Blackhorse. It is won by just one child per week who earns a special Champions' Badge (only given to winners and staff). They also win the school's house trophy to take home for the week. having won it for the whole house as well as themselves.


The only way you can become a Blackhorse Champion is to consistently set an amazing example to others by your exceptional manners, superb attitude to learning and commitment to embodying our school values of Respect, Pride, Bravery and Success. 


One child is nominated by each class each week, and then only one winner is selected.

Be a 'Learning Champion' - and one day you too could join the Blackhorse Hall of Champions!



5th JanuaryScarlet (Y4)    
12th JanuaryLucy (Y6)    
19th JanuaryElsa (Y4)  
26th JanuaryGeorge (Y6)
2nd FebruaryAlexis (Y2)
9th FebruaryRuby (Y6)
23rd FebruaryRosa (Y1)
1st MarchHenry (Y4)
8th MarchPia (Y3)
15th MarchYahya (Y5)
22nd MarchHarper (Y1)
28th MarchThe cast and crew of Aladdin
19th AprilEllis (Y6)
26th AprilAshton (Y6)
3rd MayValentino (Y3)
10th MayIsla (Y1)
17th MayOur Y6 children 
24th MayGeorge (Y4)
7th JuneSofia (Y3)
14th JuneDaniel (Y6)
21st JuneCinar (Y2)



6th JanuaryTheo (Y3)            
13th JanuaryClara (Y1)
20th JanuaryBen (Y5)
27th JanuaryEsme (Y3)
3rd FebruaryGeorge (Y2)
10th FebruaryAva-May (Y6)
24th FebruaryOwen (Y4)
3rd MarchMiley H (Y5)
10th MarchSophia Y (Y5)
17th MarchElsa (Y4)
24th MarchSebby (Y2)
31st MarchIllia (Y4)
21st AprilCameron (Y5)
28th April Anthony (Y5)
5th MayErin (Y6)
12th MaySandy (Y2)
19th MayElliot (YR)
26th MayOliver (Y6)
9th JuneFreya (Y5)
16th JuneAbby (Y2)
23rd JuneZac (Y6)
30th JuneMelodie (Y3)
7th JulyRuben (Y2)
14th JulyEsme (Y1)
21st  JulyVera (Y5)
15th SeptemberRuby-May (Y6)
22nd SeptemberEsme (Y2)
29th SeptemberRiley (Y4)
6th OctoberEben (Y1)
13th OctoberAmia (Y2)
20th OctoberHarvey (Y5)
3rd NovemberEsmee (Y5)
10th NovemberTommy (Y1)
17th NovemberMarnie-Rae (Y3)
24th NovemberCai (Y4)
1st DecemberBlake (Y2)
8th DecemberCharlie (Y5)




7th JanuaryJasper (Y4)
11th JanuaryNathan (Y3)
18th JanuaryAva B (Y5)
25th JanuaryKizi (YR)
4th FebruaryAmelia (Y5)
11th FebruaryWilfred (Y2)
4th March Jessica (Y5)
11th March Vilma (Y3)
18th MarchBethany E (Y6)
25th March Leo D (Y6)
1st AprilTommy (Y2)
8th AprilArchie J (Y4)
29th April Martha L
6th MayOscar C
13th MayOlivia L (Y2)
20th MayErin H (Y5)
10th JuneTom P (Y4)
17th JuneNoelle (Y2)
24th June Maks (Y6)
1st JulyDarcie (Y2)
8th JulyRiley (Y2)
15th JulyJack  (Y6)
9th SeptemberShannon (Y4)
16th SeptemberReuben (Y3)
23rd SeptemberJosh (Y6)
30th SeptemberCharlie (Y3)
7th OctoberMia-Doris (Y2)
14th OctoberDaisy (Y6)
21st OctoberZara (Y5)
4th NovemberLily (Y1)
11th NovemberJude (Y4)
18th NovemberArchie (Y4)
2nd DecemberHarry (Y1)
9th DecemberIsabelle (Y5)





4th JanuaryElsie G Y3 (School) & Daisy-Mae Y1 (Home)
11th JanuaryOliver S-D Y5 (School) & Kelum Y5 (Home)
18th JanuaryEthan S Y6 (School) & Dylan J Y3 (Home)
25th JanuaryRobbie Y6 (School) & Chloe Y5 (Home)
1st February Teddy YR (School) & Jackson Y1 (Home)
12th FebruaryAlfie Y5 (School) & Lucy Y6 (Home)
26th FebruaryHollie Y3 (School) & James S Y5 (Home)
5th MarchHarry J Y6 (School) & Leo N Y2 (Home)
12th MarchIsaac Y3
26th MarchApril Y4
1st April Maddyson Y6
23rd AprilFreya C (Y3)
30th AprilSarah A (Y6)
7th MayJacob (Y1)
14th May Evelyn (Y6)
21st MayElla (Y2)
11th June Kieran (Y3)
17th JuneMimi (Y1)
25th JuneIsabelle (Y6)
2nd JulyHarry W (Y1)
9th JulyScarlett (Y3)
16th JulyChloe D (Y5)
10th SeptemberCharlie G (Y5)
17th September Ayah (Y1)
24th SeptemberChloe (Y4)
1st OctoberVilmos (Y4)
8th OctoberHarry F (Y2)
15th OctoberHarrison (Y2)
22nd OctoberMya S (Y6)
5th NovemberHannah F-W (Y3)
12th NovemberCallum Doyle (Y2)
19th NovemberFrankie (Y3)
3rd DecemberPoppy (Y2)
10th DecemberSophie (Y5)




Date Name
7th January 2020 Molly H (Year 5) 
13th January 2020 Lilly-Mae (Year 3)
20th January 2020 Dylan (Year 5)
27th January 2020 Upenyu (Year 6)
3rd February 2020 Daniel (Reception)
10th February 2020 Matthew F (Year 5)
24th February 2020 Donya (Year 1)
2nd March 2020 Jaden (Year 3)
9th March 2020 Fred (Year 5)
16th March 2020 Amelia (Year 5)
23rd March 2020 Lucas (Year 4)
24th April 2020 Amelie (Year 5)
1st May 2020 Emelia & Elise W (Year 6)
7th May 2020 Alex (Year 4)
15th May 2020 Anya (Year 4)
22nd May 2020 Gurpreet (Year 6)
1st June 2020 Dominik (Year 2)
8th June 2020 Lainey (Year 5)
15th June 2020 Mia (Year 6)
22nd June 2020 George (Year 3)
29th June 2020 Lucas (Year 6) RB
6th July 2020 Harry (Year 4)
4th September 2020 Harry B (Year 1)
11th September 2020 Grace (Year 6)
18th September 2020 Freya (Year 5)
26th September 2020 Alex (Year 4) RB
2nd October 2020 Riley (Year 2)
9th October 2020 Fola (Year 3)
16th October 2020 Lois (Year 5)
22nd October 2020 Ali (Year 4)
6th November 2020 Ethan W (Year 3)
13th November 2020 Skyla P (Year 4)
20th November 2020 Joseph A (Year 2)
27th November 2020

Adelyn (Year 6)

4th December 2020  Vienna (Year 1)                
11th December 2020 Erin (Year 6)