Geography Enquiries

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How we build Champion Geographers:


Champion Geographer can use atlases, maps and first-hand field work to describe and explain the natural and human-created features of their world. They can explore, measure and record features in the landscape, explaining how humans interact with the world around them. They understand that humans are changing their environment and that we can all act now to create a better, more sustainable world. 


Our 'learning ingredients' in History:


Extensive Opportunities:  Geography is taught within our enquiry curriculum, often alongside History, Science, and sometimes, DT. As such children are given the opportunity to see how geographical knowledge complements scientific knowledge, and can help to explain historical trends. Children are given the opportunty to learn about the geography of Bristol, and in particular the Bristol Docks, learning how the docks acted as a gateway between Bristol and the rest of the world. 


Expert Tuition: The geography curriculum is carefully sequenced to ensure that children gain a sound understanding of physical and human processes. Map reading skills and the use of data to draw conclusions are explicitly taught and practiced to ensure that all children understand these fundamentals of geographical understanding.  


Purposeful Practice: Core knowledge is explicitly identified in geography, and regular quizzing is used to ensure that children know key geographical facts. Teachers will regularly revisit prior learning before moving on to new learning in lessons. 


Personal Effort: As with all subjects, we expect children to persevere when learning geographical facts.