Reading across the curriculum

How we read across the curriculum at Blackhorse


At Blackhorse, we recognise that reading is a key skill for learning and therefore it is one of our five elements of 'Expert Tuition': the elements which we try to include in most lessons.


In the daily reading lesson:

Children practice the key skills of decoding and comprehension in the daily phonics or reading lessons. They use a range of quality texts which may be linked to the curriculum enquiry, or may have been selected for the themes which they explore.


In the daily writing lesson:

In the daily writing lesson, children read a text which has been selected to support the learning not just as a model for writing, but also to expand their knowledge of themes and subjects being taught in the enquiry curriculum (see 'Texts used to support writing' below). We teach children that to become a good author, you must first become a good reader.


In enquiry lessons:

Teaching across the wider curriculum, but particularly in enquiries which are led by Science, History or Geography, children are encouraged to read about a subject, concept or theme. This might be reading and interpreting maps, charts or information in a good-quality atlas, reading about an event in history or reading information or instructions about a scientific process or experiment.