Enrichment Programme

Our Enrichment Curriculum at Blackhorse 


Blackhorse Primary School understands that equality of opportunity is fundamental allowing all children to thrive. As such, we devote every Friday afternoon to Enrichment, which is designed to provide children with opportunities which wouldn’t otherwise be available to all families.


The Enrichment curriculum is taught on Friday afternoon's in Terms 1, 4 and 6.


The Enrichment curriculum focuses on providing opportunities which:


  • Require expert tuition which would not be available to all families: Laser Run (Modern Pentathlon piston shooting), Fencing, Performing Arts etc.
  • Provide opportunities to practice skills linked to the states of being in a range of contexts that would not be possible in a whole-class setting e.g. Campfire Cooking, Kit Car Engineering etc.
  • Build confidence, teamwork, perseverance, and leadership skills: children are placed in mixed-aged groups for enrichments courses allowing different aged children to work together and for older children to take on leadership roles within the groups e.g. Engineering, Survival School (Bush Crafts), Cycling School, Sports Academy, Performing Arts, Yoga, and Philosophy of Children etc.
  • Provide opportunities for purposeful practice to attain mastery: Enrichment courses provide children with the opportunity to practice new skills over a term with one-to-one feedback with an expert tutor e.g. Cycling School, Art School, Sewing School, Spanish etc.


Parents and outside experts, alongside school staff, support or lead the 20+ enrichment courses which are available each term. An element of Sports Premium is used to support this.