Discrete Foundation Subjects

Why we teach some subjects discetely

Most of the National Curriculum Foundation Subjects (subjects other than the core of English and Mathematics) are taught discretely. This means that they are not taught in connected clusters like the Enquiry subjects of History, Geography and Science. This is because we believe that the knowledge and skills within these subjects is better taught separately.


However, where it would benefit one of these subjects to reference an enquiry, then an enquiry may provide the context for the learning. For example, in Year 5, children study water colour landscapes in art, whilst their enquiry is ‘Who traded with whom?’ which links history and geography to explore Victorian trade in and out of Bristol docks. The children therefore learn about Georgian and Victorian watercolour landscape paintings of Bristol docks and then learn the art skills to create water colours of their own photos of present day Bristol docks.


You can learn more about how each of these discrete subjects is taught, and where contextual links to enquiry subjects are present, by clicking on the links below.