Absence Procedure

It is critically important that children attend school everyday unless too ill to do so. Unless your child has had sickness or diarrhea (in which case they need to have 48 hours off school to avoid the spread of nasty bugs) please make every effort to bring your child into school every day. Typically, mild colds and coughs should not prevent a child from attending school.


Reporting an absence:

If your child is too ill to attend school, please ring us before the start of each school day where they will be absent on 01454 866570. 


Requesting a known absence:

If you wish to request a term-time absence, please put your request in writing to the Headteacher explaining the length and nature of the absence. Please note: the school will not authorise holiday absences under any circumstances, and may request a fixed penalty notice for any unauthorised absence of more than 10 sessions within a 35 day period (see policy for details).


Absence can be authorised if:

  • The pupil is ill or prevented from attending by unavoidable cause.
  • The absence occurs so that the pupil could take place in a religious observance set apart by the religious body to which the parent/carer belongs.
  • The school at which the child is registered is not within walking distance of the child’s home and no suitable transport, boarding accommodation arrangements or alternative school placement have been made by the LA.
  • The pupil is the child of Traveller parents/carers
  • There is a family bereavement.
  • The pupil is involved in an exceptional special occasion (to be determined by the school).


Absence will be counted as unauthorised if:

  • No explanation is forthcoming. The school should be informed on the first day of any absence and the reason and expected length of absence given.
  • The school is dissatisfied with the explanation.
  • The pupil stays at home to mind the house or look after siblings.
  • The pupil is shopping during school hours.
  • The pupil is absent for unexceptional special occasions.
  • The pupil is away from school on a family holiday.


Click on the link below for our full attendance policy.