Set: 24.4.24 Due:1.5.24

Homework Tasks:


1) Maths - Set a timer for 40 minutes - complete 'SATs Practice - Paper 2: Reasoning' - remember, for some reasons you can't input decimals on a mobile phone so if you need to complete this in school on one of our iPads that is absolutely fine. If you score less than 25/35, the test will be reopened so you can try again - please check your answers before clicking 'finish test'.

2) Reading - Set a timer for 20 minutes - try to complete the answers in 15 mins and give yourself 5 mins to check

3) SPAG - Over the next 4 weeks, you will be working through a  booklet (focussing on spelling).

It is important that you look after this booklet and bring it in each Wednesday to mark. 

This week, you need to complete pages 9-15.


4) TTRS - complete your 20 games 

5) Reading - 5 x week - ask an adult to sign your reading record