How we Teach Maths at Blackhorse

Maths lessons are divided into 2 parts at Blackhorse Primary School.


Big Maths

The first is a 20 minute session known as 'Big Maths' where the children learn the core counting, calculating and rapid recall skills which underpin all mathematics.


The second 40 minutes of the lesson follows a Singapore Maths approach (known as 'Maths? No Problem!). Where the children develop reasoning and problem solving skills through mathematical investigation. 


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Big Maths at Blackhorse

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How we teach counting, calculations & rapid recall as part of the daily maths lesson.

Singapore Maths

The second 40 minutes of each maths lesson is taught using a Singapore Maths approach, using a scheme called 'Maths? No Problem!'. This is a maths mastery approach which focuses on reasoning, conceptual understanding and problem-solving.


Click here to find out about the range teaching approaches used using this second part of the daily maths lesson and watch the video below to find out how a typical Singapore Maths sessions is taught.


Singapore Maths Model Lesson

Bar Modelling at Blackhorse

Bar Modelling is an approach which the children at Blackhorse use to solve problems. It allows them to 'see' the problem and then to break it down so that they can then solve it. Bar modelling is used in different ways in different year groups. Click on the documents below to find out more.